Augmented Reality wines and spirits labels with webAR… the app-less solution !

What is webAR?

WebAR (or web-based augmented reality) refers to an augmented reality experience that is accessed through the web browser rather than through a “native” mobile application. It means that all the consumer needs is his/her smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection. No need to download an application directly to his/her phone.
Today webAR offers a limited selection of the main AR app features, which includes:

 How does webAR work?

QRCode that will allow you to have access to the web module.

It’s very easy! Consumers just have to:

  1. scan the QR code via the interface / camera app of  his/her smartphone to get to a web page on which he validates access to augmented reality.
  2. frame the bottle label in the reserved area to access augmented reality experience…
  3. activate the sound icon at the top of his browser to discover and fully enjoy the content!

With webAR, ARwinelabels offers you an effective and pertinent way to enrich your wines and spirits label