Augmented Reality labels, your digital ambassadors!

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About us

Issued from the 2019 vintage, ARwinelabels is THE startup dedicated to augmented reality labels NOT ONLY for wine and spirits BUT ALSO beers, ciders and No/low alcohol wines.

With augmented reality the label of the cuvée Greco speaks.
       The illustration of the face comes alive and engages the conversation with
       the consumer thus becoming the digital ambassador of the bottle.

What is augmented reality?

AR is a technology that couples the real world with digital information and images. It allows the addition of virtual objects to the label and turn it into a phygital medium … your digital ambassador!

This will provide a wide range of opportunities: First, through innovativeness and playfulness, your brand territory will be better remembered thanks to the use of avatars, holograms, 3D animations, music playlist… that will put consumers in a fully immersive experience. Then, the informative and legislative part will generate customer engagement with access to several digital interactions. Finally, the availability of 24 languages will afford your company a global scope.

The potential of augmented reality

“…2022 will mark a real acceleration of augmented reality. More immersive content is indeed valued by brands, such as Snapchat, Pinterest etc…”

“Augmented reality, a set of technologies that superimposes digital data and images on the physical world, promises to close this gap…”

Our know-how in AR labels is at your disposal for a highly successful marketing strategy.

Depending on your campaign objectives, we conceive AR solutions in your image without altering the existing label.

ARwinelabels offers 3 connected experiences on smartphones or tablets, either by flashing a QR code with the directwebAR for an experience close to theMetaverse or with the labelwebAR for a mix between the real and virtual world, or by scanning the connected label via the free ARGOplay app.

Several digital interactions are possible: a panorama up to 360°, videos, 3D animations, avatars, holograms, podcasts, music playlists, links to social networks etc…

ARwinelabels offers 3 digital experiences accessible in Augmented Reality:
    directwebAR represented by the Red Crozes-Hermitage of the Ravoire Family,
    labelwebAR displayed with the Petit Berticot Sauvignon, white wine from the South-West
    vinified by the cooperative Terre de Vignerons, ARGOplay, iOS App and Android, selected
    solution for the 10th anniversary of Champagnes De Watère, TEN21!

You will be able to communicate a wide array of content and information relating to your marketing strategy.

Such as:

home.collar_gold_alt With the ARwinelabels sticker deposited on the Manon Côtes
    de Provence Rosé bottle, the rosé lover is informed that the enriched Augmented
    Reality label is accessible in French and English via the ARGOplay application.
    Offering the institutional video of Manon, its oenological record with wine
    pairings and direct access to the Instagram account of the cuvée.
With the ARwinelabels sticker placed on the necks of
    Daguet de Berticot, Seigneur de Berticot and BB de Berticot bottles, wine
    lovers from the Terre de Vignerons & Berticot Graham cooperative cellars are
    informed that the wine labels are enriched with digital content with access
    to testimonials from winegrowers and oenological sheets with food and wine pairings. Thanks to its ARwinelabels carton, the TEN 21 bottle of
    Champagnes De Watère informs the amateur that the bottle is enriched with
    Augmented Reality. A simple scan with ARGOplay, the griffon Théodore, guardian
    of the cellars is displayed on the screen of your smartphone; comes to life,
    takes flight creating the commitment with the amateur of champagnes De Watère
    for the 10 years of the brand.

For an effective and impactful result, a brief mention should be put on the label to let the consumer know that it is AR enhanced and that digital contents are immediately accessible.

The QR code for the webAR can be printed on the back or on a sticker, and so can the mention of the ARGOplay app to download. The collar can also be used for the same purpose.

Logo d'ARWL

Our DNA and USPs

  1. creative know-how with innovative “one to one” communication
  2. respecting your brand territory
  3. environmentally-friendly technology (no NFC chip),
  4. digital agility with content updates at your service.


  1. Flash the QR code, and from your smartphone browser, via directwebAR, access digital experiences that include digital panoramas, immersive tours, etc.
  2. Download the ARGOplay free app (iOS et Android), scan the labels without QR code below and discover the possibilities AR offers!

The Media

AR labels, users find them highly effective and speak about us… many thanks to them!

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