The “DEPUIS 1935” range of wines in Rayon Boissons April 2021!

Petit Verdot DEPUIS 1935's Augmented Reality Experience

Thanks to the Rayon Boissons teams for this focus on the rejuvenation of Bordeaux bottles taken from No. 305 of April 2021.

To discover 3 red wines from Terre de Vignerons from the range DEPUIS 1935 dedicated to “forgotten Bordeaux grape varieties” with labels enriched by AR Winelabels with digital content accessible via our partner application ARGOplay! To be sourced at Carrefour Market and Proxy, great discoveries and taste with wisdom.

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Cover Rayon Boissons N°305 April 2021


ARWL.CO 1935 Petit Verdot - Rayon Boissons N°305 April 2021

2021-04-15 12:45:00

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