Purchase of wines: 8 out of 10 consumers base their choice on the label.

Le Monde 02.05.2021 and Berticot Moelleux wine enriched with Augmented Reality by ARWL.CO

In Le Monde dated 02.05.2021, columnist Ophélie Neiman looks back on her first opus of wine bottle labels published on 06.17.2018.

3 years later, the journalist claims that 8 out of 10 consumers base their choice on the label.

And in particular around 3 new trends:
1 / SEX: a theme whose attractiveness has always been recognized,
2 / THE ENVIRONMENT: recycled paper gains its letters of nobility,
3 / DIGITAL: or better yet PHYGITAL, which is ramping up with labels connected by a simple scan of a QR code, to open an application with Augmented Reality experiences, such as ARGOplay (SnapPress), our partner solution since 2018.

Find the SAS BERTICOT-GRAMAN vintages with their AR Winelabels sticker - Associate Member of La Wine Tech, since the beginning of April they have arrived on the shelves of mass distribution as and when new arrivals!

Read the full article on the LeMonde website.

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Flash QRcode ARWL.CO Berticot Moelleux

2021-05-04 08:25:00

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